Should I Get an Arm Lift?

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With the recent development in cosmetology, keeping your body in shape is easier than ever. Sagging arms, in this regard, is one of the common problems in women as they age. The muscles of your upper arms change and typically become saggy or loose. Aging is not the only significant factor that causes skin to loosen, however, it may also happen due to weight loss. When you lose muscles, the undersides of your arms sometimes get droopy as well.

Exercise is definitely a good option to improve muscle tone and strength, but it cannot always avoid excess skin that has lost its elasticity. Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery option that can have a life-changing effect on your body. Commonly known as arm lift, it is an easy body contouring process that helps you get slimmer and more toned arms.

What is brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery to treat sagging muscles by reducing loose extra skin around your underarm area. It smoothes and tightens the tissues once the extra fat is removed. This gives your upper arms a more defined and toned shape.

During an arm list, a cosmetologist applies several surgical techniques in order to reshape the upper arm tissues. The skin is tightened and pulled back. Your doctor might use liposuction if there is extra fat in your arms. The entire surgery takes a maximum of three hours.

Is brachiopalsty a good option for you?

Generally, brachioplasty is chosen due to various cosmetic reasons. However, there are patients whose skin sags and deforms in a way that it restricts hand motion and interferes with their use of their arm.

If you are considering arm lift surgery, it is important that you are in a good health. Preferably, you should not have any active diseases or pre-existing medical conditions. Plus, you should know that there will be a significant scar, from your armpit to your elbow, which may require you to change your clothing style. But if your skin has lost elasticity, the benefits of arm lift surgery outweigh this scar issue.

Why should you get an arm lift?

For an attractive figure

For many people, flabby arms seem completely out of proportion with the rest of their upper body. The saggy arm skin can make someone's body shape look disproportionate and abnormal, or even sometime larger than it actually is. By improving the shape of your arm with an arm lift surgery, the look of your entire body can be improved overall.

Comfort and pain relief

This is one of the most important benefits you should consider when opting for an arm lift surgery. Surplus skin that droops off the arm can make moving around difficult — this may affect your everyday routine and can make exercise painful. With an arm lift surgery, you can eliminate this excess skin to make your arm lighter to move around. It is a great option that helps you prevent physical discomfort.

Bottom line

Overall, making the right choice requires you to evaluate your arm condition and consult your cosmetologist. If you have any questions about the arm lift procedure, talk to a member of our cosmetic surgery team today.

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