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Breast revision surgery, also referred to as secondary breast surgery, breast implant removal, or breast implant explant, is performed when a complication arises after breast augmentation or a previous breast surgery has left the patient dissatisfied with their results.

Dr. Raymond Schultz of Artesia Plastic Surgery provides a wide range of cosmetic breast surgeries in Williamsville, New York, including breast revision.

Dr. Schultz is a board-certified plastic surgeon, recognized as one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in the US, and known for his meticulous surgical care.

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Am I a Candidate for Breast Revision?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breast implants or have experienced a complication, you may be a good candidate for breast revision surgery. Breast revision surgery can also be performed after breast lift surgery or breast reduction to adjust or improve the surgical results.

Individuals seeking this procedure should be non-smokers in good health, at or close to their ideal weight, and have no problems complying with pre and post-surgical instructions.

The most common cause of dissatisfaction with breast augmentation results is not achieving the desired increase in breast size. Some women choose to exchange their existing implants with larger ones. Others opt to swap their current implants with smaller implants; however, a breast lift may be necessary if this switch leads to premature breast sagging.

Besides aesthetic changes, other reasons for breast implant removal include implant complications. Examples of this that may require revision include:

Bottoming Out

Bottoming out occurs when an implant drops to the lower pole of the breast. This can lead to volume loss in the upper portion of the breast or the nipple appearing unnaturally high.

Capsular Contracture

Scar tissue is expected to form around the implant. Sometimes this scar tissue hardens and squeezes the implant, resulting in significant discomfort and/or an altered breast shape.

Double Bubble Deformity

This complication is similar to bottoming out but occurs when the breast implant descends so low that it partially falls beneath the breast crease, creating a “bubble” under the crease or the appearance of a double breast.

Implant Ruptures

A ruptured saline implant is easy to detect, but a ruptured silicone implant may require an MRI to visualize the tear. Either way, correction requires breast revision surgery.

Poor Positioning

Breast implants placed too close or too far apart or implants that fail to settle into the correct position can appear unnatural, requiring a secondary breast procedure.

Rotation of Teardrop-Shaped Implants

Anatomical or teardrop-shaped implants offer a more tapered, natural shape. However, a complication that can occur with these is rotation in the breast pocket, creating an oblong or misshapen appearance. This can also happen when anatomical implants are placed incorrectly.


Breast implants placed too close to the middle of the chest can cause the skin over the sternum to tent between each breast, making them appear connected.

If you are experiencing any of the above complications or are unhappy with your previous breast surgery results, please contact Dr. Schultz to schedule a consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Revision?

Breast revision offers many benefits, some of which include the following:

  • Correction of deformity-causing breast augmentation complications
  • Relief of discomfort caused by capsular contracture or other conditions
  • Prevention of potential health risks associated with breast implant rupture
  • A breast appearance that more closely resembles your aesthetic desires

What Is Recovery From Breast Revision Like?

After breast revision, you will need to wear a compression garment or recovery bra to protect your breasts. You should also get plenty of rest, eat healthy meals, and drink lots of water.

While you may be able to return to light duty work after one or two weeks, you should avoid strenuous activities for at least three weeks and only after you’ve been cleared to do so by Dr. Schultz. Most bruising should resolve within two weeks, and swelling should significantly subside within three weeks.

What Results Can I Expect After Breast Revision Surgery?

Dr. Schultz is an expert in this field and dedicated to making his patients happy. He will make every effort to help you obtain the excellent results you desire while taking every precaution to avoid further complications. Because of this, we expect that you will be delighted with your results.

Your Williamsville, NY Breast Revision Experts

Dr. Schultz and the team at Artesia Plastic Surgery are dedicated to improving your confidence through expert plastic surgery procedures, including breast revision, in Williamsville.

Dr. Schultz also offers a wide variety of breast implant options.

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